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Thursday, February 16, 2006

of fixed matches....

Watching the cricket match…Pakistan Vs India at the moment…guess who’s losing? Pakistan!! But of course my husband claims we will win. I am crazy about cricket. C-R-A-Z-Y!! Big time!
Recently though, it has started depressing me. My husband claims that the matches are all decided before hand. Ah, another four! We just might make it through!! As I was saying, my hubby claims they are fixed…. He knows someone who knows the bookies…. And well…. Since these matches are being held in Pakistan, that guy knows who will win before the match. Do I believe him? I am not so sure. I like to think of my players as honest people. I mean, what will be left to cricket if both the teams sit and decide who will win what math and how!! Almost like they are actually playing to entertain the world…. Like the wrestling thing… and NO, I am not crazy about wrestling.
Hmm….seems to me these two batsmen are settling down.
Okay, enough about cricket. Yumna just had fries and bit of soft drink. So much for my being strict and not allowing my kids to drink these fizzy drinks… ah well…as long as it’s in control….. her eating is so much better now Alhamdulillah….
I think that’s enough for now…. I’ll watch the match for now…. Fixed or not…. The batting is great at the moment….and…ouch! stop it Yumna….I’m getting off…honest! Tc:/


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