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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'll Be Back?...And so I am....

Ahh...... return? After 3 years.... w0w.... and I'm a mother of two n0w..... :) :)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

late night blogging!

*sigH* i have a cold...again! and i had just started to bounce back..... gotten my energy..... had started workin...n working out.....blah! and now i'll be darn weak again.....

oh well! at least i caught it in time this time and am tryin to avoid anti biotics! and to think i had thought of a diet for myself......

Yumna's learned my secon bro's name as well... so now she's pretty good at every one's names... mine, her dad's .... both grand mas... (dadi is grandma on father's side, while nani is gran on mum's side in our lingo) she says grand pa too....she knows most of her cousins' names..... all in all.... she's catchin pretty fast....

hey...any one have any idea how to earn quick, fast cash?

this mnth we recieved water tax as well as property tax all our savings went into that. (ofcourse our income tax is deducted every month be4 Fawad's salary reaches us!) taxes suck! lol! and i had saved for a cool couch i saw.... so now I'm totally nil as far as cash goes....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yap Yap Yap...

Gosh, it is late... 3 in the morning actually....or maybe one should say, rather early. LOL! I had a few mails to write so i had to wait for Yumna to go to sleep. Would u beieve she sleeps after 12!! no matter what time i put her to bed she falls asleep after 12! Hmmph!
Well, all done with 'em formal letters, Thank God.
What is it that I hear abt a world wide strike on the 3rd of March? If all the muslims are participating, count me in!
What else? my hubby's going to his company's annual dinner Friday night- no guests alloweed...i dont believe it! Annual dinners are supposed to be events where spouses are allowed, no?
yap yap! there I go!
G'night....... *yAwN*

Sunday, February 19, 2006

the way to my heart!!

Its funny...once u r a mom there are quite a few ways around ur heart.... one of the easiest ways is to praise ur kids.... lol
Ever since this person i disliked commented that Yumna is by far the smartest kid he's met...well..... 4 the life of me, i can't seem to remember y i disliked him so.... and when i do try to remember, all i can come up with are stuff he's said and done which make him a much better, kinder, sweeter person than i thought he was.... hmm....
it turns out my brother dislikes him too..... maybe once he has kids.....

Friday, February 17, 2006

we at least that proves it wasnt fixed!!

but... *sob* we lost the !#%^#@ series!!! 3-1!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

of fixed matches....

Watching the cricket match…Pakistan Vs India at the moment…guess who’s losing? Pakistan!! But of course my husband claims we will win. I am crazy about cricket. C-R-A-Z-Y!! Big time!
Recently though, it has started depressing me. My husband claims that the matches are all decided before hand. Ah, another four! We just might make it through!! As I was saying, my hubby claims they are fixed…. He knows someone who knows the bookies…. And well…. Since these matches are being held in Pakistan, that guy knows who will win before the match. Do I believe him? I am not so sure. I like to think of my players as honest people. I mean, what will be left to cricket if both the teams sit and decide who will win what math and how!! Almost like they are actually playing to entertain the world…. Like the wrestling thing… and NO, I am not crazy about wrestling.
Hmm….seems to me these two batsmen are settling down.
Okay, enough about cricket. Yumna just had fries and bit of soft drink. So much for my being strict and not allowing my kids to drink these fizzy drinks… ah well…as long as it’s in control….. her eating is so much better now Alhamdulillah….
I think that’s enough for now…. I’ll watch the match for now…. Fixed or not…. The batting is great at the moment….and…ouch! stop it Yumna….I’m getting off…honest! Tc:/

Monday, February 13, 2006


After wondering, pondering and fretting over what might be wrong with Yumna my cleaning lady told me, “My, look at her stomach, she has worms, I tell you.”
I paid no heed.
Yumna got worse. No eating, not even taking milk. I tried to force her and she’d throw up. And of course the insistent cleaning lady.
So I took her to her doctor and asked her opinion. After doing a checkup and asking a few questions, like whether she was restless during the night….y-es; and whether she had any nappy rashes….well, she develops rashes real quickly but always take action as soon as I see any hint of rashes so I don’t let those develop…but yeah, she seems prone to rashes.
I was given medication for her. For intestinal worms as well as better digestion! But….worms? according to her doctor, all yumna had to do was come in contact with some other kid who had worms and….! So that means ……what? How am I supposed to make sure the kids she meets in my living area, parks, malls….. don’t have intestinal worms?! Whoa!
Sure enough, I gave her the one time medicine for worms at night and in the morning, after she passed stool, her stomach size was back to normal and she was even hungry!!
Her appetite is not what it used to be but I know it will take time….and I am trying to be patient…. Playing train, ring o ring o roses etc…. what ever it takes to pass her time!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Whiny blog writer

I have been awy for the longest time :-/
And today.... i think I'll bore everyone with mu whining!!
I just cant seem to get my life in control. I somehow find it hard to live up to my responsibilty (though God knows its not a lot) I have to take care of Yumna, our flat, cook a few meals and do a few chores around the house (I even have a helping hand... a cleaning lady comes everyday!!)
How come I still feel I cant cope? the cleaning lady does her side of the job and my side is left undone...and teh house never does look clean!! Ofcourse Yumna is lways after getting things outta whereever she can find them...but like...I'm at home all day long with little else to do.... i shud be able to keep the house clean atleast?
Then there's Yumna. she seems to have changed. she was such a cool child to she doesn't let me out of her ight, why? I can not go to another room without causing her to burst into tears. Cant go to teh bathroom even. Are all kids like that? Now Yumna used to be so different. Always smiles, laughs, jokes..... playing peek-a-boo, pillow fighting...and what not! now, may be it's because she was ill recently...but...i dont know.... what is wrong with my poor baby! My parents are away for Haj, so maybe she is missing them... she was awefully close to them.... but she's even stopped eating! she will not eat anything i feed her. Even though i know she's hungry! why? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I've recently started feeling maybe I am not a good mom, nor a good wife. Maybe i am not up to teh responsibility at all.
does everybody goes thru these phases or is it just me?
I love my baby..
I love my husband....
I am a bit lazy by nature...but I've never dodged something really important...
where have i gone wrong?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Monday Memories

This is about when I was 16 or 17- back in my O levels. It was my cousin’s wedding and we were all putting on henna. My cousin’s sister had flown to Pakistan especially for the wedding. She is settled in US. We were seeing her after 6-7 years and for people who meet at least once a week 6 years is a long time. Understandably I was feeling a bit shy and awkward around her.
After I had henna put on my palms by a henna specialist I waited for it to dry off because I had to go for my physics extra class. I could not pick my books with wet henna. Always the immature, childish girl in the family I stood under the fan to accelerate the process. After a while I started rotating at 180 degrees with my hands stretched out (as in Kate Winslet in Titanic) Ahem- yes, there were people seated on sofas all around me and I was chatting gaily with them… you see what I mean by immature. :p
Suddenly I decided to take a 360 degree turn. Time was running out, I could be late for an important class. At the precise moment my cousin (yes, the one from US) decided to rush to answer the phone that had chosen that precise dratted moment to ring.
Ah, you probably have guessed what happened. It was my palm and her face! No only did I spoil one of the most beautiful pieces of henna that I’d ever seen but I also hurt her hard (the slap was h-a-r-d! My palm hurt so imagine how her face felt!) If that was not enough, it was special quick colour henna and there was a chance her face might get oranges in her own sister’s wedding!
For what seemed like eternity we both stood there not really believing what had happened. Then someone rushed her to the nearest bathroom to wash the muck off her face. I ran after her to help out all the while apologizing. She was quiet and I don’t blame her. She was probably trying to control her temper till she was cool enough to see the funny side of it.
During this episode I forgot to wash the spoiled henna from my hand and as a result the spread henna caught colour and my henna was spoiled.
Wanna hear the rest of it? When I finally did reach my class I was late. A friend of mine had just broken up with her boy friend and was in a bad bad mood. Everyone was trying to cheer her up but no one could get a smile out of her face. I was in my usual tempo not really having grasped the enormity of her situation and launched into the story of my spoiled henna. After hearing it my friend burst out laughing!!
Somehow I did not think my cousin would have found it that funny.
And all my male cousins (who all hate henna) were of the belief that I would thrust my henna into their face without a backward glance. (Which I never would. I care too much for the artwork!!) But it certainly helped in teasing them and taking a threatening step towards them. It would get them all running in opposite direction. :p

Monday, December 26, 2005

Of Henna and Brides

My cousin is getting married in a few days...and as per tradition we had mehndi (henna) put on today.... *sgH* certainly brought back memories...
The bride normally puts on henna on hands and feel. From finger tips to elbows in normal cases and at times even on the fore arms... needless to say it takes real long to have delicate henna put on.....and even longer to let it dry. It took the lady four plus hours to put henna on my hands and feet when I was getting married. Can you believe having to sit that long without moving, lest you spoil the delicate lines she put on? well, i'm a restless person by nature and I kept asking her for breaks.... lol... she got so tired of me in the end she shedded her polite front and got quite brusque with me. I tried telling her it was her i was thinking of and not me... but.... oh well.... in the end she told me to keep the henna on as long as I could.... for the colour to be dark as possible. Over here, there is a superstition which says that the colour of the bride indicate how much her husband will love her. The darker the better. When I got engaged, the henna colour was darkest ppl had ever seen. The wedding colour was not that dark... *sgH*.... but I stopped believing that superstion (ie if i had ever any belief in them anyway!!) when my friend kept the henna on for hours and hours and hours... (nearly 36 hrs!) and she didn't get any colour worth mentioning...and she has a husband who dotes on her like anything..!!

My cousin will have it put on tomorrow... hopefully she will get good colour....

Henna puttoing is soooo much fun... everything abt it has its own charm... *gRn*... even getting small menial tasks done by others... so as not to spoil the wet henna! lol!