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Friday, January 20, 2006

Whiny blog writer

I have been awy for the longest time :-/
And today.... i think I'll bore everyone with mu whining!!
I just cant seem to get my life in control. I somehow find it hard to live up to my responsibilty (though God knows its not a lot) I have to take care of Yumna, our flat, cook a few meals and do a few chores around the house (I even have a helping hand... a cleaning lady comes everyday!!)
How come I still feel I cant cope? the cleaning lady does her side of the job and my side is left undone...and teh house never does look clean!! Ofcourse Yumna is lways after getting things outta whereever she can find them...but like...I'm at home all day long with little else to do.... i shud be able to keep the house clean atleast?
Then there's Yumna. she seems to have changed. she was such a cool child to she doesn't let me out of her ight, why? I can not go to another room without causing her to burst into tears. Cant go to teh bathroom even. Are all kids like that? Now Yumna used to be so different. Always smiles, laughs, jokes..... playing peek-a-boo, pillow fighting...and what not! now, may be it's because she was ill recently...but...i dont know.... what is wrong with my poor baby! My parents are away for Haj, so maybe she is missing them... she was awefully close to them.... but she's even stopped eating! she will not eat anything i feed her. Even though i know she's hungry! why? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I've recently started feeling maybe I am not a good mom, nor a good wife. Maybe i am not up to teh responsibility at all.
does everybody goes thru these phases or is it just me?
I love my baby..
I love my husband....
I am a bit lazy by nature...but I've never dodged something really important...
where have i gone wrong?


  • We all have our downtimes. I promise you. Especially when the kids are going through "something." Hang in there and you'll feel back to your old self in no time. Just be kind to yourself. Everyone deserves a break. I'm lazy by nature too. There's no shame in that. :)

    By Blogger Ninotchka, at 4:03 PM  

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    By Blogger matthewflynn8369, at 2:45 PM  

  • Lady, you gotta do a regular update. Tell us how's yumna progressing... and how old is she now? sheesh...

    Update! Pronto!

    By Blogger the woman, at 5:14 PM  

  • Most of your daughters awkwardness is due to the fact that she is now drinking bottled milk, so she is not experiencing the periodical closeness that she would do if she was taking feed from you. I suggest you take time-out from daily routine a couple of times a day and ask her to come and sit on your lap and just hold her. You can read some surahs or the kalima or even just talk to her during this time.
    It will also be calming for you and it will give your daughter the closeness she needs.
    See how it goes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:07 AM  

  • ninotchka: thanks...things are so much better now.... :)

    the woman: sorry :) will try to be regular now.....just that Yumna doesnt let me use my wants the keyboard as well as the mouse!!

    Anonymous: see, even when she drinks bottled milk she is always in my arms. we hug about a hundred times a day.... play all sorts of crazy games.... sit with each other and talk baby talk..... yumna is abt all i do thru out the day!! its just that she *was* ill! she is so much better :) thank u 4 ur advice.....i will make it a point to read out surahs to her.... they are so much better than nursery rhymes....

    By Blogger Blog writer, at 11:24 PM  

  • Well u might can not recall who I am but its been long time u dropped by at my blog and I kept in my mind that I will be here and never did...Well I worse if it comes to cleaning the house I do nothing at home when Im at home..I spend my hours working and beeing out of the house running for this and that and at times I think why Im rushing and there is no answer ...SO u are doing Gr8 job

    By Blogger iamnasra, at 2:03 PM  

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