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Monday, December 26, 2005

Of Henna and Brides

My cousin is getting married in a few days...and as per tradition we had mehndi (henna) put on today.... *sgH* certainly brought back memories...
The bride normally puts on henna on hands and feel. From finger tips to elbows in normal cases and at times even on the fore arms... needless to say it takes real long to have delicate henna put on.....and even longer to let it dry. It took the lady four plus hours to put henna on my hands and feet when I was getting married. Can you believe having to sit that long without moving, lest you spoil the delicate lines she put on? well, i'm a restless person by nature and I kept asking her for breaks.... lol... she got so tired of me in the end she shedded her polite front and got quite brusque with me. I tried telling her it was her i was thinking of and not me... but.... oh well.... in the end she told me to keep the henna on as long as I could.... for the colour to be dark as possible. Over here, there is a superstition which says that the colour of the bride indicate how much her husband will love her. The darker the better. When I got engaged, the henna colour was darkest ppl had ever seen. The wedding colour was not that dark... *sgH*.... but I stopped believing that superstion (ie if i had ever any belief in them anyway!!) when my friend kept the henna on for hours and hours and hours... (nearly 36 hrs!) and she didn't get any colour worth mentioning...and she has a husband who dotes on her like anything..!!

My cousin will have it put on tomorrow... hopefully she will get good colour....

Henna puttoing is soooo much fun... everything abt it has its own charm... *gRn*... even getting small menial tasks done by others... so as not to spoil the wet henna! lol!


  • That is such an interesting and beautiful tradition. I admire the artistry involved (although I admit that I wouldn't be able to sit still either!)

    By Blogger Running2Ks, at 9:31 AM  

  • Duh, I love henna and I don't mind how long it takes... as long as the end results are good.

    Hmm... thanks for the reminder though, I'll go put on henna for my daughter..hehehe.

    By Blogger the woman, at 2:40 PM  

  • I've always thought that tradition to be so lovely. Thanks for sharing the "behind the scenes" with us! :)

    By Blogger Ninotchka, at 5:00 PM  

  • R2K: I know how it sounds... like there was the most magnificient storm brewing outside.... and every guest was going out to get a peek at the lightening...and I had to contend myself at listening to thunder!! rains are rare in my area.... so i really wanted to go out :-/

    the woman: kids I know will sit patiently as long as it is being put on...but will want to wash it off once it is done... what does your daughter do?

    ninotchka: some of the eastern traditions are great...but not all; I love my culture but there are some aspects I'd love to forego...

    By Blogger Blog writer, at 9:54 PM  

  • congratulations to your cousin. :)

    do you have any pictures you can share of your mehndi from when you were married? i'd love to see it. :)

    By Blogger amygeekgrl, at 8:14 AM  

  • Yea, my daughters were the same... but these days, they don't mind waiting an hour for the henna to turn darker.

    Ps: Happy New Year to you and family.

    By Blogger the woman, at 8:04 PM  

  • amygkgrl: unfortunately no one ever takes pics consentrated on teh henna only to catch the beautiful artwork on film for ever. But I willtry to look for it because the artwork involved is awesome. In my mother's days they used neddle points or matchstick ends to put it on delicately. That took forever and I cant say i envy the bride :0

    the woman: lucky u. for there are times I wash it off as soon as it has been put on. esp. if i've put it on myself. I hate teh long wait and depending on others for menial tasks!

    By Blogger Blog writer, at 11:07 AM  

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